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This abrasive has new technology that doesn’t clog up and can take a rough surface to a fine finish with one disc. Film backings are more expensive than paper, so you won’t find them used in many instances. However, the plastic backing is flatter and stiffer than paper, making it especially well-suited for the finest grits. You’ll likely to find it used with abrasives designed for sharpening and super-fine finish sanding.

sandpaper review

Some projects may require a few different levels of grit throughout the sanding process, so consider purchasing a variety pack to help save you a mid-project trip to the store. Industrial-grade abrasives such as aluminia zirconia AND CERAMIC ALUMINUM are the most expensive, but make sense in heavy-duty applications. Many also are equipped with stearate coatings to prevent clogging when sanding resinous woods or finishes. The do-it-all abrasive, Al-O is suitable for wood, metal, cured finishes, even stripping off old paint. However, within this category you’ll find the widest range of quality and performance.

Special Sandpaper 1: Micro

Sharp, hard, and durable, it cuts faster and lasts longer than aluminum oxide, but isn’t as long-lived as ceramic. Found mostly on belts and discs for machine sanding. The flawless gleam of an oak floor, the smoothness of a painted wall or ceiling, the high shine of a varnished tabletop — all are signs of a job done well.

The new Gator Ultra Power Premium Sandpaper is manufactured using Black Zirconium to create a sandpaper that’s supposed to sand faster and longer. If they are a surprising product and do the job well while having a uniform grit, you could be uncovering a little known brand that gives great results for less money. Maybe grab a pack of the 3000g and try them out on some medium scratches to see how uniform the grit is. A review of these would be a great contribution to the forum. While the standard Ace is a stronger mesh the Ace HD is an even stronger mesh but it only available in the coarser grits.

sandpaper review

It is engineered for use in wet or dry conditions on a variety of media, including wood and metal. You can conveniently opt to purchase a sanding block with your order for an additional $2. The first one in our list is Sandpaper Sheet with Assorted, and it is one of the best sandpaper on the market now. First of all the item is perfect for auto repair jobs and with its fair price ranges the item is best. The item attaches with five sheets of dissimilar grit sandpaper. Really they provide the variety of different grits in one package.

Sandpaper Grit: What To Know Before You Buy

Along with preferred sandpaper and sanding supplies I found a number of suppliers mentioned during my research. I can’t vouch for any of these try these guys out – I just found them recommended in forums. If you’ve dealt with any of them or have 2 cents to add please let me know in the comments.

  • Used between the pad and disc, the interface provides a sacrificial set of hooks, protecting your pricier pad.
  • The do-it-all abrasive, Al-O is suitable for wood, metal, cured finishes, even stripping off old paint.
  • Early sandpapers were made of natural minerals like pumice, flint, garnet, and emery fixed to a paper backing with glue or varnish.
  • Aggressive scratching is desired when you want to remove much material or to create a rounded edge, or to remove old paint or blemishes.
  • For the disc sander I have used both Home Hardware brand and Gator and have not been overly impressed or disappointed, it is only recently I got some Klingspor and that is a lot nicer.
  • Deposited onto backings of paper, cloth, or plastic, they are held in place with tenacious plastic resins that can withstand the heat and speed of machine sanding.

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The sandpaper can be cut to size based on your needs. The grit on the heavy-duty sandpaper is made from an aluminum oxide material. The back of the sandpaper is designed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that is tear-resistant and allows for simple application and removal on a sander or sanding block. The list below includes seven of the top sandpaper options available on Amazon. As you click through the links, you will see recommended uses for each grit level provided by the manufacturer in the product details.

Unlike harder abrasives, the larger grains are more likely to break out before creating coarser scratches. This attribute can help create a more consistent scratch pattern. Garnet crystals are friable, meaning that they fracture in use, exposing additional small, sharp edges. Garnet wears quickly, making it less suitable for heavy sanding or for metal work. In addition, water-soluble hide glue is used to attach the abrasive to the paper.

And all are made possible by the patient, methodical application of sandpaper. For whatever type of projects you work on, it is always beneficial to have medium-grit sandpaper on hand. Coarse-grit sandpaper is not recommended for fine details or for edges and corners that you want to keep sharp. Also, be very careful using this on veneer plywood since the thin face layers are easy to sand through.

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